Custom 2-piece ogham
Custom 2-piece ogham

Custom 2-piece ogham

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For a longer phrase translated into ogham script and hand carved from Irish cow bone to make a beautiful personalised pendant. Each word will be carved in a separate piece and joined in sequence for an eye-catching pendant. Ogham is one of the oldest known written languages, unusual in that it is read from the bottom up, and examples can still be seen carved in stone all around Ireland. Now also available as a coffee stained engraving for a more traditional, vintage look. 

The example shown reads ‘cailleach luibhe’ which translates to ‘herb witch.’ Pricing will vary for words/phrases of different length so please get in touch before ordering. 

Contact us now or use an online ogham translator to find out how your pendant would look.


Each character is made up of a number of lines. The length of the pendant will depend on the size of the characters. For example, the letter A is just one simple line, while E is 5 lines long. 


Pendants are available with silver plated or brass chain in any length. Other finishes such as sterling silver are available on request but may take longer to produce. 


All items are handmade in Galway, Ireland and shipped in hand stamped recycled kraft boxes.