Textured pendant

Textured pendant

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A one-of-a-kind pendant formed from a hand-formed and textured silver ring. Finished with a light coat of liver of sulphur to darken and colour the details. Each piece in this series is completely unique.

This piece is now for sale in 2 Wild Geese, Galway. If you’re interested in this, or a similar pendant, please get in touch to check availability.

Argentium 935 silver is an alloy containing more pure silver (93.5%) than sterling silver (92.5%). It also contains germanium and a smaller percentage of copper which allows it to be more tarnish-resistant. 

Pendants come with stainless steel chain adjustable from approximately 16 to 18 inches (~ 40 - 45cm). 

 All pieces are individually handcrafted with the utmost care so each piece is completely unique and of the highest quality. 

 All items are handmade in Galway, Ireland and shipped in hand-stamped recycled kraft boxes.